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“When I first learned about Gracious Living Adult Day & Health Care Center,I felt a bit hesitant to call and arrange for my mom to visit. I had been caring for her at home but I began feeling as though my life was slipping way and I really needed a "time-out". Since mom has been a participant I feel like I have part of my life back!”

B. Johnson

“I cried when I dropped off my husband for his first day at Gracious Living Adult Day & Health Care Center. He would have never accepted the help we needed if he had not thought of this place as the club for him to hangout in for a short while. It really made a measured difference in my quality of life.”

N. Harkin

“Having my father at Gracious Living ADHCC has helped me become a better caregiver. I’m part of a community and don't feel alone. I’m so glad I found a wonderful adult day and healthcare center where my dad can receive all the attention he wants and the care he needs.”

S. Adams

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